Adventurer and Cinematographer Richard Terry is journeying deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest to unearth the truth behind alarming reports of an eight-legged creature terrorizing remote jungle communities. Richard begins his mission travelling like the locals in an unstable dug out canoe. The river is at record lows putting him in the lap of hungry caiman. His intended target is a tiny village far up the Rio Negro where rumors are emanating of a giant spider that's attacking villagers. Richard informs us of similar tales from around the world; in Columbia there's a spider so venomous they've named it the "horse-killer" and in Venezuela parents are afraid of an eight-legged freak so large it can snatch a child. Richard learns valuable clues about the spiders size, it's habitat, it's food and uses all this information as he scours the treacherous jungle for a potentially monster new species. Along the way he encounters other feared Amazonian predators like the piranha and the dart frog before finishing up face to face with the giant behind the tales.

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